Completely Undetectable ROBLOX®️ MultiHack, brought to you by Cult of Intellect

DX9WARE is the future of hacking on ROBLOX. Being 100% undetectable and packed with a truckload of features, we aim to provide you with the best performance cheat on the market. DX9WARE comes equipped with everything you need to dominate in games in ROBLOX. Just have a look below and let it speak for itself.

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Simple & Sleek Design.

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Completely Undetectable

At Cult of Intellect, we prioritize your security and peace of mind. DX9WARE is built with utmost attention to detail. We take pride in our advanced security measures, ensuring undetectability by ROBLOX's anti-cheat systems.

18000+ Clients

Join over 18,000 satisfied clients who have chosen DX9WARE to elevate their gameplay. Being developed by Cult of Intellect, DX9WARE has earned the trust and built strong rapport within the community as a multi-hack that just works. Our extensive client base is a testament to the premium quality and reliability that we guarantee with DX9WARE.

Community-Driven Asset Library

DX9WARE prides itself on being highly customizable, sometimes you'd like to jump straight into a game, without having to decide on the best settings. No problem!
Take a look at the list of community-created DX9WARE configurations and LUA scripts, download them and then make slight adjustments to your needs. You can also submit your own for free!

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Custom LUA Environment

DX9WARE is the first cheat on the market with it's own custom LUA environment, which allows the community to support new games, and add their own functionality to DX9WARE. Such as Item ESP, Chest ESP, and many more! Experiment & take DX9WARE to the next level!

Bullet Prediction

Experience the next level of precision with DX9WARE's exclusive bullet prediction feature. No more guessing or compensating for bullet drop or an opponent's movement. Our advanced aimbot takes into account factors such as bullet trajectory, enemy speed, distance & direction, ensuring that your shots connect with precision and accuracy.

And A Truckload More...

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If you're still not convinced, our community discord server is a great place to see what we're doing in the community, and to hear from many of the other thousand buyers in the chat. Get involved!

Join our community for a sneak-peek of what you're getting into.

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