Server Roles & Their Significance

  • Download all Cult of Intellect server role icons here
Last updated: 6/1/2024

General Roles

@Library Moderator Users with this role manage library submissions & are responsible for verifying them Dashboard library management Become an applicable staff member ( R9B - Cult Support +)
@Pic Perms Grants the ability to send images Image & voice message permissions Ask for it
@Verified Users who have verified Non-buyer channels Verify in the verification channel
@DX9WARE Those who have this role have access to DX9WARE buyer channels. Access to DX9WARE buyer channels Buy DX9WARE & run the ;buyer command

Punishment Roles

@Banned from giveaways Banned from #giveaways A giveaway channel ban Join giveaways that aren't for you
@Banned from setups Banned from #setups A setups channel ban Post fake setups / troll posts
@Banned from dx9ware_media Banned from #dx9ware_media A dx9ware_media channel ban Post non-dx9ware content / troll posts
@Banned from suggestions Banned from #suggestions A suggestions channel ban Post non-dx9ware content / troll posts
@Powerless As a punishment to the very bad users in the community, those with this role are stripped from their rights Server-wide removal of image perms, reactions, channel history, screensharing perms in vc, & a goofy role icon for represenation Get 3+ warnings
@Muted Members with the muted role are globally banned from chatting or speaking in channels A server-sized text & voice chat ban, embarrassment & ridicule from other members Break one of our #rules

Premium Roles

@EAX - VIP Users with this role are customers of & have purchased at least one product from the Cult of Intellect A nice & premium purple paint job for your aesthetic needs Buy DX9WARE & run the ;buyer command
@EDI - Server Booster Server boosters provide many features like role icons & server limits A bright, pink role to stand out from the rest, a role icon that'll make even the lurkers look twice Server boost the COI discord
@RSI - Donator Those who donate to COI (using the link below) are appreciated with this wonderful role, unlocking access to private text & voice channels A colorful teal/light/neon blue, a luxurious purple cash role icon to represent donators Contribute a (money) donation of $10 dollars or greater to the Cult of Intellect
@R15W - Newbie The newbie role vouches for your activity & or contributions A rich piss color for subtle flexing, unlocks #decisions channel Be active & constantly contribute
@R15D - Member The step above newbie but not too away either - constant, long-term, quality contributors & active users are granted this role A powerful but vibrant blue username color that makes even the newbie guys under you act up Be active & constantly contribute + be R15W - Newbie in the past
@RDI - Programmer Seeing anybody with the programmer's role means that they're greatly skilled in one or a number of programming languages The best color in the server - nothing beats it, respect & credibility for your skills, a cool role icon Demonstrate your skills by contributing DX9WARE LUA scripts or by helping others program
@ESP - Helper General helpers in the Cult of Intellect. Though they are not official staff, users can rely on helpers to help if a staff member isn't around A lower tier (lowest) green, a dark red/maroon role icon representing a helper, vc perms, emoji & sticker management, exclusive channels Naturally have the want & help other users in the Cult of Intellect
@EBP - Homies As the name suggests, users with the homies role are homies (usually close friends to a cult leader) A one-of-a-kind light pinkish role color, a high quality green insignia, #general access Become very close to a cult leader & or know one in real life

Official Staff Roles

@Staff Staff channels, the brightest white role Become a staff member
@R8D - Trial Cult Support Support tickets, basic chat moderation Access to staff channels, a semi-white role, a badge, access to log channels, certain staff/support commands Apply & be chosen to be a staff member
@R9B - Cult Support Support tickets, R8D - Trial Cult Support , basic chat moderation A brighter & unique white role, an upgraded role icon, more staff/support commands Previously be R8D - Trial Cult Support & pass the cult support test
@R9W - Cult Moderator Keeping the server secure & safe, R8D - Trial Cult Support & R9B - Cult Support , chat moderation The brightest white role, a nice new shield icon, moderation commands Previously be R9B - Cult Support & pass the cult moderator test
@R9 - Cult Intelligence Hidden Management commands, a rich & sleek blue role, a deeper red role icon, and more Be exceptionally smart, responsible & know how to use resources to investigate different situations
@🌟 Staff of The Month 🌟 A bright gold role & blue icon Be on your best behavior for the next 30 days
@Administrative Leave Permission to (temporarily) dismiss staff duties Ask R9 - Cult Intelligence +

Highest Ranks

@R10W - Head of Staff Keeping the server secure, all staff, server management, appeals, blacklisting, demotions & promotions Everything, a bright light blue role
@Bots Bot operations Everything, an orange-redish bright role color
@CoI - Developer Developing Cult of Intellect products Everything, a bright sail role
@R15D - Cult Founder Everything, a dangerous cocaine-white role. The perfect example of a poor versus rich white
@R15W - Cult Leader Everything server & product related Everything, a light, redish-pink role color that constantly reminds everybody who's in charge