Server Guidance

  • For @ESP - Helper & @Staff roles


  • no misuse or abuse of permissions (e.g., randomly disconnecting, muting, or moving others in voice channels)

  • for staff, instead of resigning, request @Administrative Leave - you're not a slave & should prioritize your problems This does not mean abuse administrative leave & avoid your duties.

  • it's your responsibility to take care of your account & your identity. For best practice, do not click on random links, do not download things you don't deem a necessity (especially if they're free), avoid using software by people who are anti-COI or have a hatred towards what we provide & stand for.

Maturity & morals

  • do not indulge in any widely inappropriate jokes or conversation (e.g., pedophilia)

  • avoid getting into large scale arguments with others - not every action needs a reaction

  • you are the example. Be mature, respectful to others, & abide to the server rules (in chats & in VCs)

  • avoid roleplaying a creep or weirdo, even if it's for entertainment purposes - jokes do not mask negative judgment


  • respect the privacy & confidential information of others (e.g., DMs, secret information told in closed spaces like tickets or within private messages)

  • be loyal to the Cult of Intellect. For staff, this means not working for other communities, For helpers, this means don't use the power given to backstab COI

Reasonability & leverage

  • for staff, unless it's a strong violation of a rule, don't punish them. Even then, be reasonable with what punishments you give This includes mute times, ban lengths, warns (only exceptions: NSFW)