How can I become a Cult of Intellect staff member?

If you're a patient, respectful, & knowledgeable individual, you're free to apply for server staff here

Note: you'll be notified when staff applications are open & when they close in our discord server.

I'm feeling generous - how can I host a giveaway?

If you want to give away a license to one of our products, dm a Cult of Intellect discord staff member & ask them to host it for you.

Note: if you have any custom requests like time, non-buyers only, or any of that sort, feel free to let the staff member know.

When's the next giveaway?

In order for a DX9WARE giveaway to happen, either:

  • someone must contribute to one by buying a key & asking staff to host a giveaway for them.

  • a large, significant milestone or event, including holidays, must take place.

How can I appeal a server ban?

To appeal Cult of Intellect server bans, submit this appeal form

Note: ban appeals may take up to 1-2 weeks to be read.

Do I have to stay on the server for the product to work?

Not at all. All our products will work just as well whether or not you stay in our discord server.

Note: for any support, you may have to rejoin the discord.