How can I transfer my whitelist to another Discord account?


  • understand that you must own this new Discord & it must be only used by you

  • understand that whitelist sharing/transferring to someone that is not you will get your whitelist permanently blacklisted & your discord account permanently banned from our discord server


  • make a ticket in the discord server

  • provide the email address used to buy DX9WARE & or the order id. If DX9WARE was gifted to you, provide the DX9WARE key if possible

  • provide Roblox account names that you've used DX9WARE with

  • provide the discord id of the discord account you want to transfer to


  • sit patiently & wait for staff to do their thing

Note: after transferring, you're free to leave the server on your old Discord account.

I got a new PC. Can I transfer my DX9WARE whitelist to it?

As long as it's a permanent change, the PC is yours, & you haven't asked for a reset that month, you can request a HWID reset.

Note: if you try abusing HWID resets or transfers, you will be permanently blacklisted. You may only request 1 HWID reset per month.

How can I appeal a blacklist?

If you think we were in the wrong for blacklisting you from our products, fill out this form - make sure to be detailed.

Note: blacklist appeals may take up to 1-2 weeks to be read.

What does it mean to be blacklisted?

By definition, being blacklisted means to be excluded from something. In the software world, this means that you're exempt from accessing certain Cult of Intellect products until you get un-blacklisted. Being blacklisted does not give one permission to chargeback & doing so will only make your situation worse.

What are some ways of getting blacklisted?

There are a multitude of ways that can help you catch a blacklist, some faster than others. For starters, those who:

  • snitch/expose the presence of other Cult of Intellect customers without their permission

  • chargeback their payment

  • use Cult of Intellect products to create anti-cheats for games

  • attempt to reverse engineer Cult of Intellect products

  • scam/rat other Cult of Intellect members, especially customers

  • make content/threads that spread misinformation about Cult of Intellect & its products

  • re-buy after being blacklisted (w/o permission)

are all subject to be blacklisted.

Here's an example of what not to do (snitch) Image

Here's what happens after (resulting in the snitch getting blacklisted) Image

Did you forget that I can just re-buy & bypass my blacklist?

Re-buying while you are blacklisted is like donating - you won't get the product; you'll get another blacklist & it's not whether we catch you: we have systems in place to prevent you from ever using COI products again

Additionally, you can get blacklisted for any reason that an owner sees fit. For most blacklists, you're not allowed to rebuy