ESP is working but not Aimbot, how can I fix it?

If ESP is working but AIMBOT isn't, it's usually because you're configuring it wrong.

For third-person mode, make sure that:

  • the DX9WARE UI is not open when attempting to aimlock

  • your aim lock method is not auto, as auto does not work for third person. Set it to hotkey

  • your TPS aim lock hotkey in the misc tab is not set to right-click. Set it to anything but right click

  • you don't have silent aim enabled. Silent aim disables aimlock

  • you're in third person in-game

For first-person mode, make sure that:

  • the DX9WARE UI is not open when attempting to aimlock

  • you don't have silent aim enabled. Silent aim disables aimlock

  • you're in first person in the game or are using shift lock.

Note: some games only support specific body parts like the head. In this case, experiment with other body parts & see if it fixes the issue. Only a few games are built like this

How do I hide DX9WARE from recordings?


  • make sure no other exploits are running in the background


  • inject DX9WARE

  • after DX9WARE has fully injected, record the Roblox window only or via game capture


  • flaunt to your viewers that you're an absolute unit at the game & they'll have all the proof to believe it but zero proof to dispute it. Unless you're rage cheating, of course - might as well skip this entire process because it's not gonna make a difference if your intent isn't to appear legit.

Note: if you can still see DX9WARE in your stream, retry the steps but fully close the recording platform of choice before injecting DX9WARE.

My cursor is misaligned when I aimlock at an enemy, why?

First, make sure that:

  • FOV X & Y levels are set to 0 in the AIMBOT -> MODIFIERS tab. If they aren't, press Reset Calibration in the Extra tab.

If the issue is still there, your game may contain a cursor offset.

What's a cursor offset?

A cursor offset is an attempt by anti-cheat makers to combat aim botters by changing the placement of the player's cursor. When aim locking, your camera may be on the enemy but not your cursor, & that right there is cursor offset working.

How can I tell if a game has a cursor offset?

  • click show FOV & see if the cursor is directly in the middle - not to the left, the right, up, down, no. The middle. If it isn't, there's a cursor offset.

Note: you may have to equip a gun before checking the cursor position in the FOV circle.

How can I patch or bypass a cursor offset?

Fortunately, DX9WARE is the only exploit of its caliber to bypass cursor offsets!

You have two options:

  • make your cursor offset script with DX9WARE LUA. Here's a tutorial

  • use a DX9WARE LUA script that automatically detects & fixes cursor offsets.

For option two, paste this in the LUA tab: loadstring(dx9.Get(""))()

Credits to Supg for making the script.

I'm on a laptop, and the DX9WARE interface is constantly flickering.

This usually happens to laptop users who have two graphics cards, either integrated or dedicated. You can check if you have two graphics cards by opening Task Manager, going to the Performance tab and checking if you can see both GPU 0 and GPU 1

Two GPUs

How do I fix this?

  1. Close down ROBLOX.
  2. Open Windows Graphics Settings under System -> Display -> Graphics
  3. Under Custom options for apps choose Browse Windows Graphics Settings
  4. Browse to %appdata%/dx9ware and select overlay.exe
  5. Set this to use your Integrated GPU (Usually called Power Saving) OverlayIntegratedGPU

My DX9WARE/cursor is glitchy when I turn on Wallcheck

To fix this,

1. open Windows search & search Resolution

2. make sure that the scale is set to 100%

*Note: DX9WARE works on most resolutions but if you experience any bugginess, it's optimized for 1920 x 1080*