HWID mismatch error

HWID mismatch error

Your DX9WARE hardware id changes when adding/removing computer parts & upon every operating system reset. In turn, this will cause the HWID mismatch error.

If you recently changed computers or reset your Windows install & you haven't asked for a reset that month, you can request an HWID reset.

Note: if you try abusing HWID resets or transfers, you will be permanantly blacklisted - the computer must also belong to you. You may only request 1 HWID reset per month.

This app can't run on your PC error

Can't run on your PC error

If you're getting the error, it's because an anti virus is blocking access to the file.

To fix this,

1. search up Control Panel in Windows search & click it

2. click Uninstall a program under programs

3. look through for any anti-viruses & uninstall them

Some anti-viruses to look out for include:

  • Malwarebytes

  • AVAST Anti-Virus

  • Norton 360

  • McAfee / WebAdvisor

  • Bitdefender