DX9WARE injects but it does not show up or Roblox crashes

If DX9WARE reaches the end of both consoles & you see the success message but nothing comes up, it can be due to external overlays taking over the screen or your anti-virus.

Anything that interferes with or draws over Roblox like anti-viruses, external FPS counters, graphics mods, statistics, & graphs, will interfere with the injection process.

1. search up Control Panel in Windows search & click it

2. click Uninstall a program under programs

3. look through your installed programs & make sure there are no fps counters or other overlays installed. Delete any third-party anti-viruses too.

Some apps to look out for include:

  • RivaTuner Statistics Server

  • MSI Afterburner (graphs)

  • Killer software

  • Norton 360

  • McAfee LiveSafe

  • McAfee WebAdvisor

  • Malwarebytes

  • AVAST Anti-Virus

  • Bitdefender

  • any third party anti-virus

If you happen to have an Intel 12th gen (or newer) processor

1. go to Windows Device Manager

2. click the Display adapters dropdown

3. right-click Intel(R) UHD Graphics & click disable

Note: if you're on a desktop with your monitor connected to your dedicated graphics card, you do not have to disable the Intel iGPU. For laptop users, connecting a monitor often directly bypasses the iGPU & 100% utilizes the dedicated graphics card, suppressing the iGPU issue.

If you have more than 1 monitor or are on a laptop connected to one

1. go to Windows Display settings

2. make sure Multiple displays isn't set to Extend these displays

3. set it to Show only on (x) or Duplicate these displays before injecting

Additionally, DX9WARE works best with no other exploits running in the background so you should turn them off. This includes auto inject & auto launch features.

There's an empty console with big yellow letters & then it closes

  • make sure you're letting the game fully load before injecting DX9WARE

  • make sure that you're not on the Microsoft store version of Roblox

  • make sure **no other exploits are attached to the Roblox process (includes auto attach & launch features)

If the above doesn't work

1. search for Run in windows search or do windows button + r

2. put %appdata%\DX9WARE in the textbox & press ok

3. find dx9ware.dll & dx9ware_anti.dll & delete them

The injection progress bar fills up but nothing happens

This is likely due to an anti-virus deleting crucial DX9WARE files.

To fix this,

  • exclude the DX9WARE application in your anti-virus

  • exclude the DX9WARE folder in appdata (%appdata%\dx9ware) in your anti-virus

Note: alternatively, you can disable your anti virus before every injection.