DX9WARE Features List

  • ✅ = working

  • ❌ = not working/gatekept

  • ⚠️ = use with caution (ban risk)


Activated Whether or not the (color customizable) ESP is enabled
Tracers Adds (color customizable) (local) lines that point at enemies
Health Display a [color customizable] health bar/value on enemies
Distance Show the enemy's distance from you in studs
Name Displays the enemy's name
Show Team members Makes ESP include players put on the same team as you. Best for games like Anarchy where all players are put on the same team by the developer
Team Check ESP Highlights enemies in red, teammates in green
Team Name Adds the enemy's team name on top of the ESP
Distance Based Tracers Adds colors to tracers including the nearest enemy
Skeleton ESP Highlights enemies with a (movement-tracked & color customizable) skeleton
Distance Limited Limits the distance(studs) that the ESP will highlight enemies from
ESP Background Adds a (color customizable) box on the enemy's avatar
Chams Highlights every body part of an enemy
Rainbow Colors Cycles through every color in the rainbow for the ESP
Radar Gives you a (COD styled) radar that highlights nearby enemies red in the radar


Activated Whether or not the aimbot is enabled
Aimbot Range The maximum range in studs that you will lock onto an enemy
FOV Size A red-zoned radius that dictates which player will be locked on. Only enemies in your FOV will be locked onto
FOV X Level A (vertical) cursor offset level in the FOV circle. Negative value = left, positive value = right
FOV Y Level A (horizontal) cursor offset level in the FOV circle. Negative value = downwards, positive value = upwards
Smoothness How smoothly you aim-lock to the target. Lower value = snappier[RAGE], higher value = less snappier[LEGIT]
Vertical Smoothness The (vertical, head to toe) smoothness that the aimbot locks onto the target. Lower value = snappier[RAGE], higher value = less snappier[LEGIT]
Sensitivity How fast you aim-lock at the target. Lower value = snappier[RAGE], higher value = less snappier [LEGIT]
First Person Select this option if you're going to be using first person
Third Person Select this option if you're going to be using the third person
Detect View If you don't want to (manually) cycle between first & third-person aim-lock modes, turn detect view on & it'll detect your character's POV & adjust DX9WARE as such(FPS & TPS)
Show FOV Shows your FOV circle
Horizontal Prediction Enables/disables horizontal prediction
Vertical Prediction Enables/disables vertical prediction
HPower Places your cursor x studs (horizontally) in front of the player to combat bullet travel time
VPower Places your cursor x studs (vertically) on top of the player to combat bullet travel time
Free For All Makes everyone, including teammates, lockable. Turn this on if the game only works with show team members like Anarchy
Sticky Aim Stays locked at the same enemy, no excuses, until you let go of the hotkey
Silent Aim Shoots at enemies in your FOV without directly having to aim-lock or aim at them ✅❌
Wallcheck Only shoots at enemies visible on your screen & not behind walls
Triggerbot Automatically fires at the enemy upon placing them on your cursor
Triggerbot Delay The time (in milliseconds) DX9WARE waits before shooting at the enemy
Lock On Only Restricts trigger bot to only activate when aim locking at the enemy
Unfair Aimbot When unfair aimbot is enabled, you will constantly be "loop tped" behind every enemy in the lobby ✅⚠️
Aimbot Type Cycle between distance & cursor. With distance, the closest enemy in your FOV will be favored/locked onto. With the cursor, the closest enemy to your cursor will be locked on
Aimbot Method Cycle between auto & hotkey aim-lock methods. Auto only works with First person, Hotkey works on both TPS & FPS. Auto automatically aim-locks at the enemy in your FOV without having to do anything while the hotkey is assigned a button in the MISC tab. The assigned hotkey must be held down for DX9WARE to aim-lock
Aim At The body part you want DX9WARE to aim at
Aimbot Path Method of aimlock travel (DEFAULT/BEZIER CURVE)
Bezier Curve Type The type of bezier curve (LINEAR/EASE IN)
Step Smoothing The speed/smoothness of the aimlock travel (LINEAR/EASE IN)
Reset Calibration Resets FOV X & Y levels back to 0


Download Configs A list of saved/downloaded configs
Create/Save/Load/Delete Config Create, save, load, & delete configs by selecting them & then pressing the button
DX9WARE Library Content found in our scripts & configs library for the specific game you're playing
Distance Show the enemy's distance from you in studs
Name Displays the enemy's name


Players A list of all the players in the server
Teleport To Teleport to other players by selecting them in the players list & then pressing this button ✅⚠️
Spectate Spectates the selected player
Reset Spectate Resets spectate & goes back to your player view
Whitelist/un-whitelist player Whitelist/un-whitelist your friends & those who you're teaming up with in free for all games
Whitelist/un-whitelist team Whitelist/un-whitelist entire teams. If the game has no teams, the team's list won't appear
Store Whitelisted Friends Saves the current whitelisted list for future use
Load Whitelist Friends Loads the whitelisted friend list. You must have used store whitelist friends before using this


Create Waypoint Saves your current position
Teleport to/Remove waypoint Teleport to the selected waypoint in the saved waypoints list or remove them by clicking the remove waypoint button
Save Waypoints Saves your waypoints for future use
Load Saved Waypoints Loads the (saved) waypoints on file. You must have used save waypoints in the past for this to function to work
Visual Waypoints Places a purple coil on waypoints in the waypoints list


Hotkeys The hotkeys for DX9WARE. For third-person aimlock, right click does not work so pick any other key for. This does not apply to first-person aimlock
Noclip Lets you clip through walls. Can get you detected in games, use it with caution ✅⚠️
Fly Lets you fly ✅⚠️
Reset Client Ping Resets your ping
Bypass Anti-Char Attempts to bypass (avatar) anti cheats (typically clan games)
Re-scan Roblox Rescans the game
Join Discord Server Invites you to the Cult of Intellect discord


CameraFOV Changes your camera FOV
Third Person View Attempts to grant third-person camera modes on (select) FPS games
Crosshair Places a (color customizable) crosshair on the center of your screen
Fullbright Lightens your game so you can see better
Set Time (Locally) changes the world's time
Show UI on startup Whether or not you want the DX9WARE GUI to automatically open upon injection
Menu transparency Changes the transparency of the DX9WARE GUI
Health Check Checks if the enemy's health is 0 to avoid aim-locking. If this is off, you run the risk of aim-locking at dead enemies
Fonts Changes the font of the DX9WARE GUI
UI Colors Updates DX9WARE's user interface to the selected colors


Explorer Click the arrows to enter or view sub-directories


DX9WARE's Custom Lua Executor If you want to manually add support for a game that DX9WARE doesn't support natively or create your own features, you can use this. Simply paste the DX9WARE LUA script in & close the DX9WARE GUI, & the script will automatically be executed. Regular RLUA scripts will not work with DX9WARE's executor