What is DX9WARE?

DX9WARE is an internal first-person & third-person AIMBOT & ESP cheat for Roblox. With its universal functionality & multitude of features that'll keep you at the top of your favorite games, DX9WARE is the only thing that makes sense - for serious, hardcore clanners down to the casual players alike. From a range of unique rage features to the most legit ones packed into a noob-friendly, yet visibly appealing frame, our product was made keeping every player in mind, especially those wanting to touch the waters of exploiting on Roblox - while eliminating the risk of getting banned. With DX9WARE, you'll have a safe, competitive, reliable & most importantly: fun experience. Lead your team with DX9WARE today at https://cultofintellect.com/dx9ware/purchase/.

Learn more about DX9WARE at https://cultofintellect.com/dx9ware/.

For a full list of features & what they do, click here.

What games are supported?

All of them - seriously. From the biggest games haunting the front page to the smallest ones, DX9WARE can support every one of them. This is thanks to the addition of DX9WARE LUA, which opens a plethora of doors leading to an infinite number of possibilities & control.

Note: most Roblox games work natively with DX9WARE, so you won't need to use its powerful LUA functions to make AIMBOT & ESP work, as DX9WARE automatically handles it for you; however, on games with custom models, you will need to add support manually either by making your own DX9WARE LUA script or by using someone else's found in our massive library.

Will I get banned?

No. To put it simply, DX9WARE is unable to be detected - at all. Yes, you heard that right: DX9WARE is not a script or a game modifier so it's nearly impossible for you to be detected for one & banned for two.

You can enjoy DX9WARE on any game you wish to dominate without care of being banned; however, though DX9WARE cannot be detected, the suspicious aim can.

If you're using rage configurations & it's obvious to others that you're exploiting, they may report you to the game dev & get you game banned.

Note: DX9WARE also bypasses injection logs

Do I need an executor for this?

Not at all - DX9WARE is not a script, it's an executable & comes with its own injector, making it a great, budget-friendly option for those new to the exploiting scene.

Can I inject scripts?

No, & yes. DX9WARE does have a LUA executor but it only supports functions orientated around AIMLOCK & ESP.

Regular LUA scripts will not work with DX9WARE.

Note: for a documentary of DX9WARE's functions, visit the docs portal.

What do I need to run it?

Fortunately, DX9WARE is very optimized so you don't need one of those 20k streamer setups you see on YouTube.

To start, make sure your system:

  • has admin access accessible to you (for anti-virus exclusions)

  • has a stable internet connection

  • can at least run Windows 7 - including Apple Bootcamp. For the most optimal experience, Windows versions 10 or higher is recommended.

  • isn't on its last knee

For a good reference, if you can run Roblox flawlessly, DX9WARE should follow suit, too.

Is it compatible with other exploits?

DX9WARE runs best when it's the only exploit running but if you're keen on becoming a powerhouse:

  • inject DX9WARE first

  • then inject the other exploit. Make sure that auto load/attach features are disabled.

Note: we do not advertise being compatible with other exploits so we're not responsible if DX9WARE does not function with another cheat.

What makes it unique from the rest?

There is a multitude of ways that DX9WARE stands out from the rest of the competition:

  • DX9WARE is one of the first & only exploits to bypass cursor offsets

  • supports every single game in the catalog. You heard that right, all of them

  • DX9WARE has its own LUA environment, which adds many more possibilities for the custom item & player ESPs, including custom models

  • one of the fastest exploits to update - literally. Ask any of our buyers

  • a rapidly growing, supportive, & diverse community with thousands of buyers

  • high quality developers with years of experience on their hands

  • a respecting, knowledgable, & patient support team to help you with anything DX9WARE

  • DX9WARE is one of the first exploits of its caliber

  • working prediction so no matter what game, bullet travel time will not stop you

  • supports both first & third person aimbot types

  • has bezier curve aimbot path modification. This will make your aim locking look less blatant

  • trusted & used by thousands of competitive players

  • the ability to whitelist/exclude/spectate players & teams

Can I get a free trial?

Unfortunately, no. DX9WARE is a legit product with its promises vouched by tens of thousands; however, there may be certain events or competitions throughout the year that may make DX9WARE free to use for a short amount of time.

Note: this also applies to vouch copies.

What payment methods are accepted?

Go to https://cultofintellect.com/dx9ware/purchase/ for a list of payment methods.

Alternatively, you can purchase through a reseller. It's recommended to only deal with staff members to mute the risk of getting scammed. Unless it was a staff, we're not responsible if you get scammed.

Note: prepaid cards (e.g Visa giftcards) are not accepted on the website.