Is reselling DX9WARE keys allowed?

Yes, as long as you don't scam others, you're free to resell unredeemed DX9WARE keys.

Note: we're not responsible if you get scammed when buying from non-staff members, trade carefully.

When's the next sale?

DX9WARE sales are rare but they do happen - check around holiday times/special events.

What do I do once I've got my key?

Once you have your key, head over to the whitelist page & complete the whitelist process. After you finish, run ;buyer in our discord to get your buyer role & download DX9WARE in the downloads channel.

After downloading DX9WARE, go into a Roblox game, open the loader & enter your credentials.

Before logging in make sure:

  • you're not using a spoofer

  • you're not in a virtual machine